Why Dog Toothpaste is Essential for Pet Care

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Why Dog Toothpaste is Essential for Pet Care

Brushing your dog’s teeth might seem rather strange, but it is actually an important part of being a dog owner. Far too many dogs suffer from gum diseases due to plaque buildup. The best way to get rid of this buildup is to exercise proper dog dental care by using quality dog toothpaste.

Periodontal Disease

More than 98% of dogs have this periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can lead to all kinds of internal problems (liver, kidney) that will make your dog really sick. However, this disease can be prevented by using proper dog toothpaste.

If your dog happens to have bad breath, make sure to start a dental regime right away. Far too many dogs have this disease, though it can be prevented with some simple dental hygiene.

Why Human Toothpaste is not OK

Even if you have some extra toothpaste sitting in your medicine cabinet, do not use this human grade toothpaste on your dog. Why? Human toothpaste wasn’t meant to be swallowed. Since your dog can’t rinse and spit, he will swallow anything that you put into his mouth.

In addition, your dog isn’t likely to go crazy over the taste of mint. Finding a dog toothpaste flavor that your dog likes is one way to make brushing your dog’s teeth easier. Thankfully, there are lots of great dog toothpaste flavors on the market.

Types of Dog Toothpaste

There are different forms of dog toothpaste on the market. Spray form, gel form, paste form, and even liquid formats exist. Choose the format that seems to work best for your dog. After experimenting a couple of times, you should be able to find one toothpaste that works better than all the rest.

Some dog toothpaste brands to consider include C.E.T flavored toothpaste; Four Paws toothpaste; St. John Petrodex Pet toothpaste, and Tripe Pet Natural toothpaste. After trying a couple of brands, your dog will clearly prefer one toothpaste over another.

Choosing a Dog Toothpaste
Since there are so many different dog toothpaste brands on the market, it might seem difficult to select only one brand. The best way to find a toothpaste that you and your dog can live with is to try a few different kinds.

Look for natural ingredients, formats that are easy to use, and flavors that your dog will love. Combining all of these things will make brushing your dog’s teeth a lot easier. Dog dental care is the best way to prevent periodontal disease, which is why a brushing routine should be set up right away.

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