Why Can’t Your Dog Run Far?

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Why Can’t Your Dog Run Far?

Taking your dog for a run is a good dog fitness idea. Maintaining a healthy weight and trying to lose a bit of weight are achievable targets with regular exercise. If your dog doesn’t run as fast as you thought he would there are a few reasons for that.

Injured Paws
If you notice that your dog doesn’t run far, check his paws. He might have an injured paw or something stuck in his paws. He might also be limping.

Age and Arthritis
Older dogs can run but will not have the same ability as younger dogs. So don’t expect your aging dog to be able to run as much as he used to.

In addition, older dogs are prone to arthritis and this will make it painful for them to run.

Illness Symptoms
Tiredness is a symptom for a lot of diseases, conditions and parasites. If you notice that your dog suddenly starts running less, it might be a good idea to go for a check-up. Your dog might have a strained muscle, a bone displacement or even bone cancer.

A depressed dog will be inactive and run less than usual.

If your dog is overweight he will surely be unable to run for long. Have patience during the dog weight loss program and your dog will make progress.

No Dog Fitness After Meals
If your dog has just been fed, he won’t be able to run far. Make sure you don’t take your dog out for workout immediately after meals.

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