What to Expect From a Dog Boarding Kennel

Age: 8 Months
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What to Expect From a Dog Boarding Kennel

If you’ve never boarded your dog before you may experience anxiety about how they treat your dog at a boarding kennel. You may imagine the time being stressful for your dog as well. Dog boarding provides a safe environment for your dog where she will be under the supervision and care of professionals working to make her comfortable and happy. Many find sending their dog to a pet hotel or boarding kennel a better alternative to leaving a pet with a family member or pet sitter as kennels provide services individuals cannot. The following will outline what you need when boarding your dog and what the kennel or pet hotel will provide.

What You Need

  • Have your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date including the Bordetella, distemper and rabies vaccines. The up-to-date paperwork will be required at check in, or before they’ll even take your reservation.
  • Provide any current medications or vitamins your dog is taking and give detailed written instructions for administering.
  • Contact information including your emergency and regular veterinary service.
  • Bring pre-measured food with you. This helps avoid any stomach sensitivity your dog may have to a change in food and possible diarrhea resulting from a food change. Most kennels will provide a high-quality food at no additional charge.
  • Check in advance if you can bring your dog’s favorite toy.

What They Provide

  • Some provide regular exercise and companionship for your animals under the supervision of skilled professionals; be sure to ask. Dogs are usually walked, groomed (for an extra charge) and provided indoor/outdoor kennels. Weather conditions are monitored and outdoor exercise is limited if adverse conditions exist.
  • Dogs are also allowed the opportunity to socialize with other dogs if they show they are not dog-aggressive. Some kennels or hotels offer agility courses, swimming pools and other amenities.
  • Most kennels provide a bed and toy for your dog, and some do not allow outside bedding or toys.

As most kennels are licensed through the state, bonded and insured they are a safe environment for your dog to stay in while you are away. Be sure to visit each kennel before making your final selection and bring a list of questions you want answered. Also be aware that many kennels require advanced reservations and over the holidays, charge an non-refundable deposit.

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