Using Canine Day Care to Reduce Separation Anxiety

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If you have dog behavior problems, a canine day care may solve your problems. Separation anxiety is frequent among dogs and taking them to a day care can be an effective therapy.

Reasons for Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety may be caused by the separation of the puppy from his mother and brothers or the separation from the owner—if you leave for a longer vacation or even for work and are away for the day. The main reason a day care may help is because it offers stimulation, to keep your dog occupied, and exercise, to help him release energy that would otherwise turn to anxiety.

Separation Anxiety Behavioral Problems
A dog suffering from separation anxiety will chew on different things around the house and may even display excessive barking and aggressive behavior.

Canine Day Care Benefits
Taking your dog to a canine day care can help your dog lessen his separation anxiety. The dog’s anxiety may disappear as the day care will offer him stimulation and exercise. At the day care your dog will be able to play and be active. Your dog will not have time to get bored and will socialize, becoming a friendlier and more confident pet. The aggressive behavior should also stop. Of course, this depends on both the individual dog and the setting of the daycare. When you visit a potential daycare, ask to see the play area and see how the dog’s act. Ask the employees to observe your dog to see if he enjoys himself—or if he at least seems to get more used to the new environment as the day goes on.

Canine day care can benefit both the mental and physical health of the dog.

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