The Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten

Age: 8 Months
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The Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten

Taking your pet to a puppy kindergarten is a good idea especially if you don’t have enough time to spend with your dog and if you don’t know how to train your puppy. The kindergarten has multifold benefits and only a few minuses.

Dog Trainers for the Puppy

Dogs learn easier if they are trained from early puppyhood. It is also easier to correct behaviors such as chewing, biting or barking.

If you don’t have the time or the skills to train your dog to walk on a leash, to use the litter box or different commands that are useful in the dog-owner relationship, the kindergarten dog trainers will do a good job teaching your dog.

The dog instructors use basic behavioral and obedience training.

Socializing Dogs

A puppy kindergarten helps your dog develop social skills both with dogs and humans. Socializing skills are important for a dog, so as to be able to play with other dogs and humans without hurting them.

Puppies that don’t spend their first weeks of life with their mother and brothers may develop an aggressive behavior. If taken from the whelping box too soon, puppies miss out on play and socializing lessons that are essential in building a normal and friendly behavior.

In a kindergarten, a puppy will be able to socialize with a trainer and other puppies. Having a short attention span, puppies are left to play with other puppies after a training lesson so they learn how to play safely with other animals.

Choosing a Dog Instructor

Choosing the right dog instructor is essential to make sure your puppy has a good experience in the kindergarten. The dog trainer should be patient, certified and you may also want to observe a session of training. Even if the puppies have a low attention span, the play time should not be more than 30 minutes after a lesson of obedience training. Also, a trainer shouldn’t use punishment for dogs, only positive reinforcement to stimulate good behavior.

Disadvantages of Puppy Kindergarten

As for disadvantages, the puppy kindergarten has only a few: puppies are susceptible to different infections and some may suffer from separation anxiety. Being in an environment with multiple dogs that may be carriers of infections or parasites may infect your puppy as well.

Consulting a veterinarian prior to choosing the puppy kindergarten is a good idea. The vet can give extra vaccines and preventive medicine for multiple parasites, so that your puppy is fully protected. Also, puppy kindergartens ask for all puppy owners to show proof of vaccination, to reduce the risk of infections.

On the other hand, a puppy that is left with foreign dog instructors may feel unease and have separation anxiety, being used to staying only with you. If this behavior is severe, you should give up the puppy kindergarten and find different solutions for your puppy’s upbringing.

Some dog owners consider that puppy kindergarten might be pricey as opposed to home upbringing. Consider the pros and cons and see if the puppy kindergarten is for you.

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