Six Reasons to Get Professional Dog Training

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Six Reasons to Get Professional Dog Training

Professional dog training is a growing industry with many qualified dog trainers who understand dog behavior. If you feel your dog could benefit from training, you should try one out. This article will discuss the reasons why.

1. Build a Relationship

If you recently adopted a dog or just want to spend more time with your dog, a training class is a great way to build a relationship. If your dog already knows how to sit, take a therapy class or dog sport class.

Any time you spend time working with your dog (as long as it is positive) will strengthen the bond that you have and make him more likely to respond to you in every day situations.

2. Socialization

Puppies, and even adult dogs, greatly benefit from being exposed to different situations. Dogs training courses can provide those opportunities.

A professional trainer can show you the proper way to socialize your dog and provide practice, such as classes and puppy parties. Proper socialization can prevent many behavior problems.

3. Having a Baby

Adding a new member to the family can be very stressful for your dog. The adjustment can be minimized by bringing in a trainer who understands how dogs think and how they best adapt to changes. Do this as early in your pregnancy as possible to give your dog and yourself plenty of time to adjust to the new routine.

4. What You’re Doing Isn’t Working

Behavior problems, even as simple as pulling or jumping, can be very frustrating. If you have tried to solve the problem and haven’t had much luck, bring in a trainer. Usually, it just takes one or two simple changes to teach your dog to respond the way you want. A fresh set of eyes can often help you see what you’ve been missing.

5. You Have a Problem You Can’t Handle

If your dog has developed a serious behavior problem, such as resource guarding, reactivity or any type of aggression, you may be in over your head. A professional trainer can teach you how to not only fix the problem but to manage it in the interim to prevent serious problems.

People often don’t understand the best way to get their dogs under control, and dogs don’t understand that using their teeth to get what they want isn’t appropriate. A professional trainer can help bridge the communication gap.

6. A Dog Bite

If your dog has bitten someone, you need to seek professional training. Once a dog has learned to use aggression, it’s always an option. A trainer can step in to help you manage and solve the problem to prevent future accidents. Often, courts will order training in case of a dog bite. With proper training, many dogs are rehabilitated and never bite again.

There are just as many types of trainers as there are reasons to get one, so no matter what your reason for choosing a trainer, find one that makes you comfortable. If at any time she asks you to do something that doesn’t feel right, find another. You and your dog will benefit most from someone you both like.

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