Sample Puppy Purchase Contracts

Age: 8 Months
Tags: Puppy 101, Health

Sample Contracts

Whether you are purchasing a puppy from a well know friend or maybe a stranger three states away, it is recommended that a contract be signed by both parties. This will avoid any misunderstanding or disappointments that may come after the transaction is complete.

Breeders: If the puppy buyer is unknown to you, ask for at least two references as well as a driver’s license number, home address and phone number and length of employment.

Puppy Buyers: Ask for references from previous puppy buyers and the breeders veterinarian.

The following agreements are provided for your convenience. You may copy and alter any of the following contract to suit the requirements of your purchase or sale and the laws of your state.

Dog Sold without AKC Papers

The buyer of an AKC-registerable dog should obtain the dog’s AKC papers from the seller at the same time the dog is purchased. If a dog is delivered or sold with the understanding that AKC papers will not be furnished, the buyer should sign a statement agreeing to this condition. This agreement should be kept in the seller’s records.

If a person acquires a dog without papers, with the explicit understanding that papers will be furnished for payment of an additional amount of money, the buyer has, in effect, forfeited any rights to the papers. If at some later date the buyer wants papers, the AKC can only advise going back to the seller to resolve the matter.

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