Roman Gods and Goddesses Dog Names

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Roman Gods and Goddesses Dog Names

Abundantia – goddess of good luck, prosperity, and success
Aurora – goddess of dawnBacchus – god of wine
Bellona – goddess of war
Bona Dea – goddess of fertility and healingCardea – goddess of health, thresholds and door hinges and handles
Carmenta – goddess of childbirth and prophecy
Cloacina – goddess who presided over the Cloaca Maxima, the system of sewers in Rome
Cupid – god of loveDiscordia – goddess of chaos, argument, and discord

Empanda – goddess of food, shelter, honesty, and help for the underprivileged
Eventus Bonus – god of happy endings

Fama (Fame) – goddess of fame and infamy
Fames – goddess of hunger and starvation
Fascinus – god who provides protection against demons and the evil eye
Faustulus – goddess who protects livestock
Feronia – goddess of freedom
Fides – goddess of faith and loyalty
Flora – goddess of flowers
Fortuna – goddess of chance and good luck
Fraus (Fraud) – goddess of fraud, deception, and betrayal
Fufluns (Faflon) – god of feasting and carousing

Hippona – goddess of horses

Invidia – goddess of envy

Janus – god of doors and corridors, helps get people from one year to the next
Jupiter – top god, ruler of the heavens and earth and the father of all other gods

Lares – protective house gods
Liber (Bacchus) – god of wine
Libitina – goddess of funerals
Lucifer – god of the evening star and the morning star
Laverna – goddess of thievesMars – God of war and energy
Mercury – messenger god of commerce
Minerva – goddess of wisdom and creativityNemestrinus – god forests and woods
Neptune – god of the sea

Pax – goddess of peace
Penates – gods of the storeroom
Pluto – god of the underworld and judge of the dead
Pomona – goddess of fruit trees, orchards, and gardens
Portunus – god of keys, doors, and livestock
Proserpina – underworld goddess of winter
Prudence – goddess of past and future

Robiga – agricultural goddess

Saturn – agricultural god in charge of sowing seeds, festivals, and carnivals
Silvanus (Sylvanus) – god in charge of protecting boundaries and wild fiends

Tellus – mother earth goddess
Tinia – sky god

Venus – goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
Vertumnus – god of seasons, change, plant growth, gardens, and orchards
Vesta – goddess of hearth, home, and family
Victoria – goddess of victory
Vulcan – god of heavy metal and fire

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