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Feeding Your Puppy

A puppy's new diet is very important for healthy growth. Nutrition is the most important investment for a puppy to grow up healthy and strong. As a newborn, up to several weeks old, puppies get everything they need by nursing from their mother. As they begin to need solid food, usually at 5-6 weeks old, it is important to feed your puppy the right kind of food. Puppies need more fat in their diet along with a balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients per pound because of their high growth and activity levels. As puppy's mature, their diet needs will change. Consider these facts:

  • Puppies will reach 90% of their growth by 12 months old.
  • Dogs teeth are made for biting, grinding and tearing food. By nature they are meat eaters and cannot break down plant materials as well. Their diets should be primarily meat-based.
  • Puppies need several small meals each day due to their small stomachs to provide enough energy for each day.
  • The amount of food will vary depending upon the breed and size of the puppy.
  • A good rule is to allow a puppy to eat for 10-20 minutes several times per day, starting at around 5 weeks old. Three meals a day works well for puppies at about 12 weeks, tapering off to one feeding per day by one year old.
  • Dry puppy foods tend to offer more growth nutrition than wet dog food.
  • As puppies grow, wet food can be combined with dry food. Too much wet food can create bacteria in the teeth and result in tooth decay.
  • Giving puppies "people food" is not a good idea. Some foods can upset their stomach and give them diarrhea. Table scraps can also lead to pancreatitis and obesity in dogs. Remember that puppies have different nutritional needs because of being a different species. Just because a dog will eat almost anything tossed his way doesn't mean it is good for him.
  • Important elements of puppy food are protein, calcium, fat and carbohydrates. Quality can vary. Look for well known and trusted brands of puppy food.

When it comes to eating, most puppies enjoy the taste of semi-moist foods. However, this type of food tends to have more salt and sugar and can create dental disease. Be careful how much of this food is fed to your puppy.

Appropriate treats is great for training and rewarding your puppy. Make sure the treats are small and easy to swallow. Give the puppy a treat that has an appealing order and something they do not get every day.

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Also, make sure your puppy always has access to clean, fresh water. Soapy, warm water should be used for a daily cleaning of the water bowl.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will have a healthy, happy puppy in your home. For any problem issues, be sure to consult your veterinarian and follow the advise carefully. Your puppy is depending on you!

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