Preventing Dog Gum Disease

Age: 8 Months
Tags: Puppy 101, Health

Preventing Dog Gum Disease

Nearly 98% of dogs suffer from Periodontal Disease. This form of gum disease can lead to other serious health complications. In order to prevent these ailments from occurring, it is best to begin a daily dental routine for your dog.

First Step Towards Prevention
A daily dog dental routine begins with the brushing of your dog’s teeth. Purchase a special dog-sized toothbrush along with dog-friendly toothpaste. Once you have these things, you can begin a daily brushing regimen.

Begin by poking around inside of your dog’s mouth with your fingers. Then, slowly begin to use the toothbrush. Repeat these two actions for two days prior to using any toothpaste. Once your dog becomes comfortable with the toothbrush, you can then add toothpaste to the routine.

Regular Checks
Once you begin a daily brushing routine, you will be able to tell if anything unusual is happening inside of your dog’s mouth. Look for broken teeth, bad breath, and chipped teeth regularly. These things should be attended to right away.

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