Potential Benefits of Organic Pet Food

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Potential Benefits of Organic Pet Food

A quality pet food can really make a difference to your dog or cat’s health. However, many owners wonder if organic dog and cat food is really worth the higher price. Here are some of the potential benefits of organic pet food.

Healthier Skin and Fewer Allergy Symptoms

Allergies and skin conditions can be frustrating because they’re so hard to treat. Many owners try a variety of ointments, dips, sprays, shampoos, creams, medications and prescription pet foods, with little success.

Organic pet food can help relieve the symptoms of allergies and help your dog or cat fight off skin infections. Organic pet food contains no artificial flavors or colors and no chemical additives, nor are the ingredients grown using toxic pesticides. Removing these ingredients from your dog or cat’s diet can help support immune function and build your pet’s resistance to skin diseases.

Higher Energy Levels and Weight Maintenance

Obesity can present serious health problems for your dog, including diabetes, organ failure, arthritis and back problems. Overweight dogs have less energy and a lower tolerance for exercise.

Organic pet food is made from superior ingredients; unlike commercial pet foods, organic pet foods contain more high quality protein and less carbohydrate filler. Many owners say that their pets eat less when fed organic pet food than when fed traditional commercial brands. That’s because the higher protein ingredients leave them feeling full longer. Your pet will only eat what he needs; he’ll have more energy and exercise more, as well.

A Reduction in Digestive Disorders

Because organic pet food contains no artificial or chemical ingredients, it’s easier to digest than traditional commercial brands. Many pets may experience gas, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea for no apparent reason; and easily digestible organic diet can eliminate those problems.

Organic pet foods are made with high quality whole grains and human grade meats, so your pet will eat and eliminate less when fed an organic diet. Bowel movements will become more predictable, more firm and less odorous.

Stronger Immunity and Better Overall Health

Even if your pet is perfectly healthy and doesn’t suffer from allergies, digestive disorders or obesity, feeding an organic pet food can still be of enormous benefit. Organic pet foods contain better quality sources of nutrition than non-organic brands. Because the ingredients are of higher quality, your pet will absorb more of the nutrients from the food rather than eliminating them. Better nutrition means a healthier immune system, which means fewer illnesses, fewer vet visits and better overall quality of life.

Better Quality of Life and Longer Life

What you feed your pet directly impacts how he looks and feels. Organic pet food can help your dog or cat feel better, suffer from fewer illnesses and allergy symptoms, and have more energy. Your pet’s coat will be shinier and softer, he’ll have more energy to run and play, he’ll maintain a healthier weight throughout his life, and his stronger immune system will keep him healthy and active into his geriatric years. Organic pet food can even help your pet live longer.

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