Pet Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

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Pet Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

Pet supplies are necessary for your dog’s well being. There are a lot of dog supplies on the market, but you don’t necessarily need them all. Here is what you do need:

Dog Food

Dog food is necessary because you simply can’t feed your dog on table leftovers. You may choose wet food, dry food or you may prepare some dog food recipes at home. Dogs with certain illnesses will need a special formula dog food, which will be recommended by the vet.

Bowls for Dog Supplies

Dog bowls are necessary for food and water. Get stainless steel or ceramics bowls; these are more resistant, easy to clean and can’t cause health issues. Stay away from plastic bowls; these may accumulate bacteria and may infect you dog with different diseases or cause acne. A plastic bowl is easy to chew, so you might want to avoid that.

Dog Bed or Crate

Your dog needs to have his sleeping place. In case he doesn’t, he might join you in your bed and that involves a lot of dog hair, risk for infections and sometimes allergies.

Dogs get easily used to sleeping in their crate and like to have their own place.

In addition, the crate is useful when you are taking your dog to the vet, or while traveling. All air carriers require a crate for your dog, regardless of your dog’s size.

Dogs with arthritis need a bed or crate, as floors are too hard to sleep on.

Dog Leash

You need a dog leash for your walks. Even if there are off-leash areas, you need to keep your dog on a leash while outside, in most areas.

The leash is also an excellent tool to train your dog; there are different techniques that will involve using the leash to prevent your dog from performing different actions or stop him from displaying certain unwanted behaviors.


Dogs need toys when they are left by themselves or for different interactive activities; a dog owner needs a wide range of toys to keep the dog motivated and off the furniture.

Get some chew toys, Frisbees or balls. Choose the chew toys according to your dog’s age and chewing ability; get toys of different sizes and textures to offer variety.

Dog Collar

The dog collar is an important dog supply. Your dog needs his collar and ID. In some states, the collar and ID are mandatory. In any case, get these for identification purposes.

Grooming Dog Supplies

Regardless of coat size, every dog needs grooming. Choose brushes that are suitable for your pet’s hair and groom him at least once or twice per week to remove the excess hair, dirt and foreign objects that may get stuck in his fur. The hair of a few breeds of dogs will need clipping, as it grows continuously.

Choose a gentle shampoo for your dog; in case he has parasites, you will need a special formula shampoo.

You may get nail clippers or leave this task for the vet.

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