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Ma Kettle
Mac Murray
Macho Man
Macintosh Apple
Mad Max
Madame Bouvier
Madame Butterfly
Magic Flute
Magic Johnson
Magnificent Seven
Maid Marian
Main Man
Major League Player
Malibu Barbie
Malted Shake
Maltese Falcon
Mamma's Family
Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup
Marathon Man
Marco Polo
Mardi Gras
Marie Antoinette
Marilyn Monroe
Mario 64
Mario Andretti
Mars Attacks
Martha's Vineyard
Marty the Martian
Mary Jane
Mary Poppins
Mask Of Zorro
Mata Hari
Mavis Beacon
Max A Million
Max Headroom
Me Too
Mean Joe Green
Melba Toast
Mellow Yellow
Melrose Place
Men in Black
Miami Vice

Mickey Mouse
Midas Touch
Midnight Oil
Mighty Joe Young
Mildred Pierce
Milky Way Galaxy
Milton Berle
Milwaukee Braves
Minnie Mouse
Minute Maid
Miss America
Miss Daisy
Miss Piggy
Missing Link
Mission Impossible
Moby Dick
Mon Ami
Mon Cherie
Mona Lisa
Money Train
Monique Roffiannia
Monte Carlo
Monte Cristo
Moon Over Broadway
Morning Glory
Morse Code
Mortal Kombat
Mother Goose
Mother Lode
Mouse Hunt
Mr. Clean
Mr. Magoo
Mr. President
Mr. T
Mu Lan
Mu Shu
Mu Tan
Much Abo About Nothing
Muhammad Ali
Mulligan Stew
Music Man
My Fair Lady
My Friend Flicka


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