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Matching Dog Names

Alex - Sir Alexander The Great
Arrow - Right On Target
Bell - Belly Button
Belle - Tinker Bell
Cain - Raising Cain
Carrots - What's Up Dog
Chip - Couch Potato
Goldie - California Gold Rush
Jade - Lady Jade of Shade
Lady - My Fair Lady
Lucky - Justa Lil Bita Luck
Maija - Marian Musta-Maija
Molly - Good Golly Miss Molly
Pug - Sir Pugsley Prince
Rainy - Raining Cats and Dogs
Robin - Defender Of Sherwood
Rosy - Pretty as a Rose
Sandy - Sir Silent Sandler
Sunny - Walkin On Sunshine
Prince - Crowned Royal Prince
Ripley - Believe It Or Not
Tara - Terra Cotta
Thor - God Of Thunder
Tiff - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tory - Sweet Victory
Tuffy - Rough And Tumble
Tux - Black Tie Affair
Wally - Sir William Wallace
Windy - Gone With The Wind

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