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Greek Gods and Goddesses

Adonis - god of desire and handsomeness
Ananke - goddess of destiny
Aphrodite - goddess of love
Apollo - god of sun, music, archery, poetry, painting, prophecy, plagues, healing, animal welfare, and more
Atlas - god of weightlifting and heavy burdens
Ares - god of war
Artemis - goddess of hunting
Athena - goddess of war, wisdom, and art

Bia - goddess of force
Bromios (Dionysus) - god of wine and intoxication

Calliope (Kalliope) - goddess of eloquence and poetry
Calypso (Kalypso) - goddess of silence
Ceto (Keto)- goddess of trouble at sea
Chronos (Chronus, Kronos) - god of time
Cronus (Kronus, Kronos, Cronos) - God who fathered Zeus

Deimos - god of fear
Demeter (Chloe) - goddess of crops, harvests, agriculture, and fertility
Doris - sea goddess

Electra (Elektra) - goddess of clouds with a silver lining
Enyo - goddess of war, blood, and violence
Eris - goddess of strife and discord
Eros - god of love, desire, and fertility
Euterpe - goddess of joy and pleasure

Fates - three goddesses of destiny and fate

Glaucus - god of fishing
Graces - three goddesses of charm and good humor

Hades (Haides) - god of the underworld
Harmonia (Harmony) - goddess of harmony
Hebe - goddess of youth
Hecate (Hekate) - goddess of hidden wisdom, change, and darkness
Helios (Helius) - god of the sun
Hemera (Hemere) - goddess of daytime and daylight
Hymenaeus - god of weddings and getting married
Hypnos (Hypnus) - god of sleep

Iambe - goddess of mirth
Ilithyia - goddess of childbirth
Iris - goddess of rainbows

Lampetia - goddess of light
Lethe - goddess of forgetfulness

Maiandros - a river god
Morpheus - god of dreams

Nemesis - goddess of revenge
Nike - goddess of victory
Notus - god of the south wind
nyx - goddess of the night

Oannes - sea god
Orpheus - god of bittersweet music
Ossa - goddess of rumor

Pan - god of shepherds and flocks
Penia - goddess of poverty
Petesuchos - crocodile god
Phantasos - god of dreams
Pheme (Phema) - goddess of gossip
Philammon - god of musicians
Philyra - goddess of paper, writing, healing, and perfume
Phbetor - god of nightmares
Phobos - god of terror
Plutus - god of riches and wealth
Poseidon - god of the sea

Rhadamanthus - underworld god of justice
Rhea - mother of the gods

Selene - goddess of the moon
Spercheus - god of the river Thessaly
Styx - goddess of unbreakable oaths oaths of the underworld river

Tartarus - god of Greek hell
Terpsichore - goddess of dance and chorus
Thanatos - god of death
Thelxinoe - goddess of delight
Themis - goddess of justice and order
Tyche - goddess of chance and fortune

Uranus - god of the sky

Zephyrus (Zephyros, Zephyrs) - god of the west wind
Zeus (Ceneus, Epiphanes) - top god of earth and ruler of Mount Olympus

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