Thinking about purchasing an Mi-Ki? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history. Purchasing a new puppy is a commitment that may last ten or more years so please educate yourself on the Mi-Ki breed, including all stages of their life from puppy hood to older dog.

Ask yourself will I be a good owner? Do I have the time it takes to train a new puppy? Do I have the resources to give my new dog a rewarding life. Do I have a local veterinarian that I can take my new dog to? Do I have a groomer or can I do the grooming myself on a regular basis.

Fundamental requirements for a being a good Mi-Ki owner;

Before making a purchase talk to the breeder, ask them many questions about their dogs and the breed in general. A good breeder will teach you about the Mi-Ki and they will have many questions for you about your home and life style and if this breed is suited for you and your family.

Questions you may want to ask an Mi-Ki Breeder:

It is recommended that you sign a contract with the breeder so that there will be no misunderstandings on the arrangements made. Then bring home your new Mi-Ki and enjoy as "there is no greater love then a dog's devotion."

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Mi-Ki Breed Profile

The Mi-Ki is a Toy dog that is small, friendly, and alert. He is full of lively action, compact and solid yet refined. The Mi-Ki comes in two varieties-long and smooth. The long coat variety has a single coat that is flowing, with feathering on the legs, ears, and tail. Each variety is shown in its own class. The Mi-Ki is proud and carries the head high with the tail curved over the back. They are a non-shedding breed as they are single coated.

Type: Toy/Companion

Height: 7-9 inches
4-8 lbs.

Colors: The Mi-Ki can be any color.
Smooth or Long. Single coat that is flowing, with feathering on the legs, ears, and tail.

Temperament: The Mi-Ki is NOT yippy, mean, aggressive, or territorial. They are excellent with children, tolerant, and patient. Also Intelligent, alert, outgoing, happy, affectionate and friendly. They bark very little and are not overly energetic which makes them great for the elderly, and also apartment living in addition to regular family life.
With Children:
With Pets:

Care and Training: Comb weekly to remove dead hair. Bath when necessary. Highly intelligent, easy going do. Easy to train. Mi-Kis are easy to potty train and can use the outdoors, pads, or even a litter box.
Learning Rate:
Medium - High
The Mi-Ki requires very little exercise.

Living Environment: The Mi-Ki is an excellent apartment or condo dog. They can easily be trained to use a litter box. They adapt to most climate but love to get outdoors for a walk. They can be happy and healthy with a small yard.
Health Issues:
Mi-Kis with shorter muzzles, particularly older dogs, are in definite risk of respiratory problems.

Life Span: 10 years
Litter Size:

Country of Origin: USA
According to the Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc. the Mi-Ki is thought to be Asian. The time frame of when this tiny toy dog is said to have appeared in the U.S. is approximately during the 1980's. They share common ancestors with the Papillon, the Maltese, and the Japanese Chin. Unfortunately the cloudy history of the Mi-Ki makes it impossible to tell the percentage of each breed in its make up. The Mi-Ki was recognized by the States Kennel Club in 1995.

Registries: NCA, NKC, IABCA


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