Lazy Dogs? Vitamins That Energize

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Lazy Dogs? Vitamins That Energize

Giving dogs vitamins is a great idea. Not only will a daily vitamin ensure that your dog gets enough nutrients, vitamins can also help to give your dog extra energy. In addition to vitamin supplements, it is important to ensure that your dog has a balanced diet.

Lacking Energy
While giving dogs vitamins can certainly help with a lack of energy, this problem can be related to lack of nutrition as well. If your dog seems to be lacking energy, check the back of the dog food bag — what is the carbohydrate to protein ratio?

Cheaper dog food brands tend to have less carbohydrates and proteins, which can lead to a lethargic dog. Even if your dog already consumes quality food, all dogs can benefit from the right combination of energy-boosting vitamins.

Dog multivitamins are created for specific dog breeds, sizes, and ages. The vitamins that are required for a puppy diet are not the same as those required for an elderly dog’s diet. Thus, you must make sure that the multivitamin you give to your dog is the right one according to age and weight.

Some great multivitamin brands to try out include Essential Dog Multivitamin, Super Vita Chews, and Well Tabs. All of these brands include essential vitamins such as niacin and iron. As far as additional supplements go, there are some types of vitamins to consider.

Vitamins E and C
Some veterinarians believe that Vitamins E and C are essential for dogs. Giving dogs vitamins that contain both Vitamin E and C may prove to be effective for your lazy dog. While Vitamin E will help your dog’s coat shine, Vitamin C will help to boost your dog’s immune system.

Many dog supplements that include Vitamin E and C are available. When it comes to these two supplements, look for brands that are all-natural. Brands that do not include a long list of chemicals are best for your dog.

Energy Supplements
You will find that there are numerous dog energy supplements available. However, these supplements tend to be full of chemicals and additives that are not good for your dog. Giving dogs vitamins on a daily basis (multivitamins) should prove to energize your dog without the need for additional energy supplements.

When combined with high-quality food, dog vitamins can really make a difference. Since dogs live a very active lifestyle, providing your dog with extra energy is necessary. Remember to look for vitamins that only include natural ingredients that won’t harm your dog.

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