Griffis Yorkshire Terrier, Arkansas Yorkshire Terrier

Name: Fran Griffis
Address: 3988 Fairplay Rd., Benton, Arkansas 72019
Phone: 501-249-6453 or 501-939-2200
Email: [email protected]
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC, Saline County Kennel Club, Toy Dog Club

Griffis Yorkshire Terriers

Griffis Yorkshire Terrier, Arkansas

Premium quality Yorkshire Terriers from a caring and conscientious breeder. We are committed to producing a top quality Yorkie. Whether used for show or to keep your lap from getting dusty, these precious little dogs will light up your life and keep you company for years to come. Due to their diminutive size they are perfect for homes or apartments. Our Yorkies are loyal people loving dogs, as we take special care to socialize the puppies from birth in order to bring to you a new happy loyal member of the family. Our Yorkies are smart, loving, and cute!

My husband and I have fourteen years exp. breeding Yorkies in our home. We breed for healthy, small pups, short noses, large eyes, small ears, and great silk coats. Some of my pups will be show quality, since I have shown myself, purchased from show kennels and bred to other show lines and to my own females. They will be very well socialized and I guarantee their health. Griffis Yorkshire Terrier, Arkansas

Contact us for pricing and availability. Thank you for your time!

We are selective in the placement of our puppies and will only allow our precious puppies to move into approved forever homes.

Griffis Yorkshire Terrier, Arkansas

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