Jalerran Siberian Huskies, Pennsylvania Siberian Husky

Name: Jessica Moore
Address: 3361 Miola Rd., Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214
Phone: 814-229-9123
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.siberianhuskypups.com 
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC, CKC, ISHC, FCI, UKC, Born to Run Sled Dog Club

Jalerran Siberian Huskies

Thank you for visiting our page on the PuppyDogWeb. Jalerran Siberian Huskies, Pennsylvania

Some basic information is outlined below. If you need further information, or would like to inquire about puppy or adult availability, please email us, or visit our website at: www.siberianhuskypups.com

Purchasing Requirements: The purchaser must be educated about the breed. Siberians are not the best breed for everyone. Pet puppies must be spayed/neutered. Show dogs are sold to approved show homes on contract. We place our pet pups only with loving, caring families that have been educated about all aspects of the breed. Potential buyers must be willing to train and take responsibility for their puppy, and provide a clean, happy, healthy and permanent home, preferably with a securely fenced yard. All family members must be in agreement about the decision to adopt a puppy. Above all, the puppy must be a part of the family and be treated accordingly.

We're happy to provide any advice and support that may be needed as you adjust to life with your new family member, and we enjoy staying in touch with our pups and their new families. We require that pet owners update us yearly on health and behavior, preferably with pictures. We sincerely hope that all of our puppy placements are permanent, but in the unfortunate event that the new owners are unable to keep their puppy, we require that the dog/puppy be returned to us or that we assist in finding a suitable home to ensure that the puppy/dog does not end up in an inappropriate home. Jalerran Siberian Huskies, Pennsylvania

Prices and Deposit Policy: In order to hold a place in the order of puppy picks, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required. It is applied towards the purchase price of $800 (for pets), and the remaining balance is then $700.

We send out puppy pictures via email, generally on a weekly basis. We also typically have videos uploaded onto YouTube.com (under the name "Jalerran"). The photos are not meant to serve as a means for you to select a puppy. Puppies are evaluated for show potential around 8 weeks of age. Some puppies will remain here, and others may go to show homes. Once those placements are determined, the puppies that weren't selected for show homes will be made available to the homes seeking pets in the order that the deposits were received. However, the temperament and disposition of each puppy is considered in relation to the types of homes they may be going, as well. We have the final discretion on the puppy placements.

We try to accommodate coat color preferences as much as possible; however, if you are offered puppies that do not suit the criteria you are seeking, you are not required to take one at that time. You are welcome to wait for a future litter that may contain your preference. Your deposit would move up in the order once people above you had selected their puppies, but will not be refunded.

Jalerran Siberian Huskies, PennsylvaniaThe purchase price for show puppies is $1200 in the US. Overseas show price is typically $1600 - $2000 due to the extended time puppies must remain in our care before becoming old enough to be shipped, and the high caliber of show prospect being selected (first or second pick).

Our Philosophy: Siberians are not the best breed for everyone. It is our expectation that prospective owners become educated about the breed characteristics and show a strong commitment to the breed and maintaining its integrity. Our primary focuses when planning a breeding are health, temperament, and conformation - in that order.

We encourage people who may be interested in the breed to consider these aspects, as well as a breeder's policies, before restricting themselves to a specific coat or eye color. Breeders whose only goal is to produce blue eyes or certain coat colors are not reputable.

Please visit our website and contact us with any questions you may have!

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