Midnight Runners Kennel, OhioNewfoundland

Name: Midnight Runners Kennel
Address: 17402 Indian Hollow Rd, Grafton, Ohio 44044
Phone: 440-785-0144 cell, 440-355-4182
Email: [email protected]
URL: www.midnightrunnerskennel.com
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC, NEAA, AKC Breeder of Merit

Midnight Runners Kennel
Midnight Runners Kennel, Ohio

Midnight Runners Kennel, Ohio The Newfoundland dog is truly a remarkable breed. Research by acquiring breed specific Newfoundland books, and asking questions is a terrific way to start your search for the right breeder.

Newfies are so much more than "pets." Newfies are active family members who need lots of love and companionship. Having been an avid dog lover for over 36 years, I have discovered the Newfoundland dog to be of the most loving, loyal, gentle-natured, and dedicated solely to their owners. Newfies also love children and get along well with other pets.

Contrary to what most people think, Newfies do not need lots of room to roam. For them to be with you at your feet is room enough for them! In addition, Newfies don't require massive amounts of food. Generally, an adult Newfoundland consumes 4 to 6 cups of food per day.

Midnight Runners Kennel, OhioAt Midnight Runners, I strive to breed for correct type, health and conformation. Temperament is a given. Foundation is OFA, cardiology OFA, and cystinuria screened. I also offer lifetime breeder support and guarantee puppies against hip dysplasia and heart defects. Several generation championship pedigrees.

Feel free to contact Midnight Runners for more information on upcoming litters or check out my main website.

Recommended reading for your Newfoundland search is "Newfoundlands Today," by Hedd and Del Richards, and "Newfoundland," by Emmy Bruno. Good luck in your search!

Note: Deposits are non-refundable and applied towards the purchase of your puppy.

Lisa Martens
Midnight Runners Kennel
17402 Indian Hollow Road
Grafton, Ohio 44044
Tel: 440-355-4182.
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.midnightrunnerskennel.com

Midnight Runners Kennel, Ohio

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