Nanny Newfs, West Virginia Newfoundland

Name: Gary & Ann Dean
Address: RR 2 Box 227C, Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901
Phone: 304-520-0683
Email: [email protected]
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC

Nanny Newfs

Nanny Newfs, West Virginia Nanny Newfs is located in the mountains of West Virginia, in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley. Lewisburg is conveniently located on I-64. We are within driving distance from most north and south eastern states. We will ship, if absolutely necessary.

We have been breeding Newfoundlands for 15 years. Our ultimate decision to get our first Newfie actually began on August 14, 1990. On this day, our son, Nathanael was born. You see, Nathanael was born legally blind. He can see, but has very limited vision. As he got older, we were constantly fearful that he would wander off, or fall down and get hurt. So we decided to get him a companion, a buddy to play with and watch over him. After much research we decided on the Newfoundland breed, because of their love for children, and instinctive nurse maid characteristics. We have never regretted our decision! Our dogs have far exceeded even our greatest expectations. Nanny Newfs, West Virginia

With our breeding program, we are striving to continually improve the breed by carefully selecting mating pairs. Although all of our dogs have met all necessary health certifications, we want to see future generations with even higher scores.

Unlike other breeders, who find homes for their dogs after retirement, we at Nanny Newfs keep most of ours for life. If you visit us, you will see Newfs of all ages. Great-great Grandmother Nita is still very active at the age of 10. However, we do sometimes have adults and older pups, from families that can no longer keep them, needing homes. Please check our website for availability. Better yet, plan on visiting us. We love to show off our dogs! We have puppies available several times throughout the year. Puppies are vet checked and microchipped, with vaccines being given at 8 weeks of age.

Remember, if you purchase a puppy from Nanny Newfs, we are here for the entire life of your Newf. We also, guarantee your pup for 2 years. Please give us a call, 304-667-4030, visit our website or email us, at [email protected], for more information.


Nanny Newfs, West Virginia

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