Is Giving Dogs Mineral Oil a Bad Idea?

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Is Giving Dogs Mineral Oil a Bad Idea?

Dogs require various types of fats and oils in order to remain healthy. Fat and oil is great for your dog’s skin, and it also happens to be essential for brain development. The best kinds of fats and oils to give your dog are those that are high in nutritional content. However, giving dogs mineral oil is not the best option.

The Problem With Mineral Oil
Mineral oil is a by-product of gasoline. Therefore, this oil does not contain any kind of nutritional value. In addition, mineral oil may be harmful to your dog’s health in the long run due to the fact that it can be taken into your dog’s respiratory tract.

Since mineral oil is a light liquid, if it passes into the respiratory tract it can cause your dog breathing problems. In addition, mineral oil can never be removed from your dog’s body if it winds up in the wrong place. Instead of giving dogs mineral oil, consider the healthier natural alternatives.

Better Oil Choices
Products that contain specific natural oils are best for your dog. For example, a product that lists “chicken fat” or “herring oil” is far superior to a product that lists “animal fat” or “fish oil.” These products cannot wind up in your dog’s respiratory tract, which means that (unlike giving your dog mineral oil) they will not harm your dog.

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