Is Dog Medical Insurance Worth the Cost?

Age: 8 Months
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Is Dog Medical Insurance Worth the Cost?

Dog medical insurance is a personal choice that pet owners must make. In order to determine if dog medical insurance is worth the cost, you must consider several factors such as whether you currently buy dog medicine or whether your dog’s breed is susceptible. Knowing if these factors affect your pet can assist in your decision to purchase dog medical insurance.

Dog Medicine

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, most plans do not cover treatment or medicines related to that particular conditions. Plans typically do cover prescriptions for other medical conditions. Please be aware that vitamins or over-the counter medications are not usually covered and depending upon the level of insurance you purchase, there are varying levels of deductible that must be met before you will get reimbursed for the prescriptions you have filled. Plans can be purchased regardless of the age of your pet so unless there is a pre-existing condition, you should expect to be able to claim most medications.

Dog Disease

Plans offer different levels of coverage and many will cover diseases such as cancer only if you have a specific insurance cancer rider. There are often hereditary disorders that are breed specific which are not covered. The insurance carrier will have a list of exclusions that you can review in the event you plan to cover a breed that has common disorders. Many common illnesses that are covered include allergies, pneumonia, strokes, epilepsy and leukemia. When determining if medical insurance is worth the cost for your pet, you can weigh the likelihood of your pet contracting one of the disorders covered by the insurance plan with the insurance premium to decide what is best for you and your pet.

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