Hybrid Vigor Generation Chart

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Hybrid Vigor Generation Chart

Hybrid Vigor – Designer Breed Generations

  • First Generation (Purebred x Purebred) = F1 Hybrid
  • Second Generation (F1 x F1) = F2 Hybrid
  • Third Generation (F2 x F2) = F3 Hybrid
  • Forth Generation (F3 x F3) = F4 Hybrid
  • Fifth Generation (F4 x F4) = F5 Hybrid
  • Sixth Generation (F5 x F5) = F6 Hybrid
  • Seventh Generation (F6 x F6) = Maybe regarded as a Breed

Generation Backcross

  • First Generation Backcross (F1 x Purebred) = F1B
  • Second Generation Backcross (F1 x F1B) = F2B

Hybrid Generation Appearance and results The breeding of two unrelated F1xF1 puppies ranges between one parent breed to the other. F2’s are more likely than F1 to favor the looks of one of the parent breeds. These are known as “Throwbacks” to the parent breed. Continuing to breed Unrelated generations F3xF3, F4xF4, F5xF5 and F6xF6 appearance and personality of puppies becomes more uniform with little to no “throwback”. By the Seventh Generation results stabilizing with Minimal variations and no throwback and may be regarded as a breed.

Generation Backcrosses The Breeding of two unrelated F1xPurebred=F1B or F1xF1B=F2B Crosses are more likely to resemble the parent breed involved in the backcross for low-shedding and low-dander coat and frame from the purebred parent.

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