How to Put on a Dog Choke Collar

Age: 8 Months
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How to Put on a Dog Choke Collar

A dog choke collar can be an effective training aid when assembled and put on your dog in an appropriate fashion. The choke collar is typically made from a length of linked chain with rings on either end. Once assembled, the collar can be used to get your dog’s attention and bring it back to the training session at hand. The only way these collars can be effective is if the fit, position and technique used are appropriate.

Ensuring Proper Fit

To attain the proper fit, measure your dog’s neck about an inch below his ears. Slip 2 of your fingers between your dog’s neck and the tape measure and add an additional 2 ½ inches to the measurement. If properly fitted, the choke collar will easily slip over your dog’s head but fit snugly around the neck, just below his ears. There will also be about 2 inches of loose chain.

Assembling the Choke Collar

When you purchase the choke collar it will appear to be a long, straight length of linked chain with a ring on either end. To turn the length of chain into a collar, take the collar by the rings on either end. Bring the rings together and hold the rings together in one hand. Using your free hand, push the length of chain attached to one ring through the second ring and continue to pull the chain through until it has formed a loop.

Placing the Choke Collar on Your Dog

The important thing to remember about a choke collar if you keep a collar on your dog at all times is that it should be used during training only and replaced with a web or leather collar when training is completed for the day. To properly place the choke collar on your dog follow the following steps.

  1. Facing your dog, take the collar loop in your hands.
  2. Move the collar around in your hands until it forms a “P” with majority of the chain in a loop in your right hand and tail hanging close to your left. An easy way to remember the proper placement is “P is for perfect”.
  3. Keeping the collar formation, slip it gently over your dog’s head until it settles naturally on his neck.

If you follow the directions above, the collar should tighten with a quick tug and immediately loosen upon release. If placement is reversed, the collar will tighten and remain tight until you physically reposition the collar.

Proper Technique for Using a Choke Collar in Training

Utilizing a choke collar properly during training is important to avoid injury and to avoid creating a combative situation with your dog. The collar should be given a quick tug and immediately released. This is why proper placement on your dog is so important. The collar should not be used to create constant pressure or choking. The quick tugs are meant as a quick reminder to your dog that he needs to refocus his attention to the training at hand.

Using a choke collar when working with your dog can be an effective training aid so long as it is the appropriate fit and position on his neck. The quick pressure created by the tug will help him keep his mind on task, making it easier to turn your dog into a respectable member of the family.

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