Home vs. Professional Dog Grooming

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Home vs. Professional Dog Grooming

Professional dog grooming has a lot of benefits, but can you perform the grooming at home?

Depending on the breed and hair length, dogs have different grooming needs; some dogs need daily grooming, while for some 2 grooming sessions per week will be enough. Grooming includes the brushing of hair, trimming of nails, cleaning of teeth and ears and even haircuts, if the hair of your pet grows continuously.

Professional Dog Grooming

Professional dog grooming has a lot of benefits your dog.

A professional groomer knows how to groom your dog without causing injuries. In a pet grooming saloon there are a lot of grooming supplies and your groomer knows exactly what tools are suitable for your pet.

A trained groomer may also detect early signs of diseases, lumps or skin irritations and will apply suitable treatment or let you know about the possible swellings that need to be checked by a vet. A groomer may also let you know if your dog has parasites.

A professional grooming includes nail trimming. By doing this at home, you may cut the nails too short or hurt your pet. Dogs may be uncooperative when it comes to nail trimming and a professional groomer will know exactly what to do to calm your dog.

Some breeds have continual hair growth and a periodical haircut is needed. Leave this task to professional groomers, so that your dog will get a stylish hair cut.

More fancy pet saloons will also offer spa treatments.

Your groomer may also give you tips on the diet and pet care products.

There is one disadvantage to professional grooming: it may be pricey. Also, some dogs may not like to be handled by unfamiliar people, so you will need to do the grooming at home.

Home Grooming

Home grooming may save you a lot of money.

Home grooming means that you need to learn how to groom your pet. Make sure you ask your vet about what your dog needs and how often you need to trim the nails or brush your dog.

At home, you may easily cause skin irritations by using inappropriate products. Get the suitable supplies and shampoos or powders.

Massaging and grooming your dog may also help your bond with your pet. This experience is relaxing both for your and your dog.

All in all, the grooming may be done at home or by a professional groomer.

Grooming at home should be done under your vet’s guidelines to prevent any injuries. Home grooming is meant to create a special bond between you and your pet.

On the other hand, a professional grooming session will also relax your dog and there are certain tasks (i.e. nail trimming or haircut) that are better performed by a trained groomer.

You can decide whether you need a groomer, according to your budget; if you prefer doing the job yourself, make sure you learn how to safely groom your dog.

You may go to a professional groomer on one occasion and ask for a few tips and perform the grooming at home afterwards.

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