Thinking about purchasing an Hamiltonstovare? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history. Purchasing a new puppy is a commitment that may last ten or more years so please educate yourself on the Hamiltonstovare breed, including all stages of their life from puppy hood to older dog.

Ask yourself will I be a good owner? Do I have the time it takes to train a new puppy? Do I have the resources to give my new dog a rewarding life. Do I have a local veterinarian that I can take my new dog to? Do I have a groomer or can I do the grooming myself on a regular basis.

Fundamental requirements for a being a good Hamiltonstovare owner;

Before making a purchase talk to the breeder, ask them many questions about their dogs and the breed in general. A good breeder will teach you about the Hamiltonstovare and they will have many questions for you about your home and life style and if this breed is suited for you and your family.

Questions you may want to ask an Hamiltonstovare Breeder:

It is recommended that you sign a contract with the breeder so that there will be no misunderstandings on the arrangements made. Then bring home your new Hamiltonstovare and enjoy as "there is no greater love then a dog's devotion."

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Hamiltonstovare Breed Profile

The Hamiltonstovare is a well proportioned dog with strong bones and a wonderful nose. Hamiltonstovare have a richly colored coat of  red, white and brown.  They have a long rectangular looking muzzle with a black well developed nose.  This hound has great strength and will not always return when called.  With a broad skull, deep chest, and muscular body, they Hamiltonstovare is a striking hound perfect for hunting. 

Other Names: Hamilton Hound

Type: Hunting Dog

Height: 22.5 in.
Weight: 50 - 60 lbs

Color: Black, brown and white
Coat: Short and harsh. Their coat is soft and smooth on their head, ears, and front of legs. It is longer on the back of the thighs and under the tail.0.

Temperament:  Even tempered
With Children: Yes, Playful and active.
With Pets: Does well with other dogs.

Care and Training: Minimal coat care is needed for the Hamiltonstovare. Brushing with a slicker brush in winter months as their coat can get quite thick.

Activity: Fairly High
Special Needs: A fenced yard and exercise
Living Environment: Does best with an active family living in a rural or suburban home

Health Issues: No known health issues.

Country of Origin: Sweden
History: The Hamiltonstovare is a Swedish hound developed by Adolf Patrik Hamilton. This breed was called the Swedish hound prior to 1921 when it was given its name in honor of Adolf Patrik Hamilton. The goal of Adolf Hamilton, also the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, was to find an exceptional working hound. The Hamiltonstovare is believed to be a mixture of scenthounds, Foxhounds, and Harriers.  Hamiltonstovares are Sweden's most well known hunting dog and its most popular breed.

Class: Hound
Registries: FCI (Group 6)


Hamiltonstovare - Kilcavan Living Daylights aka Charlie
Hamiltonstovare - Meillion No One Duz It Like Me


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