Features of a Perfect Whelping Box

Age: 8 Months
Tags: Puppy 101, Health

Features of a Perfect Whelping Box

Whelping means to give birth and a whelping box is used for dog labor and after dog birth to keep the puppies safe. For a dog giving birth, using a whelping box can reduce stress on the mother and also prevent the mother from giving birth where other animals can possibly harm the newborn puppies.


  • Walls should be tall enough to prevent puppies from getting out but low enough that the mother can step over. Since the mother has just given birth, you do not want her to have to jump over the wall and possibly injure herself.
  • The box itself should be large enough for the mother to be able to turn around but not so large that the puppies cannot stay close to the mother. It is important in the first several days for the puppies to remain close to the mother for warmth.
  • Guard rails are a safety feature should also be used. The rails are placed around the bottom inside of the whelping box to prevent the mother from trapping the puppies between her body and the sides of the box.
  • The floor of the whelping box should be lined with newspapers or removable washable vinyl. This allows you to easily clean up messes when they occur and prevent odors from building up.

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