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Choosing the Right Toy or Treat

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Choosing the Right Toy or Treat for your Puppy or Dog

SIZE: When purchasing a treat or toy, it's important to take into consideration the size of your dog and get an item that is appropriate. Too large, and they will not play with it. Too small, and they could potentially choke. ANY new toy or treat that is given to a dog should be supervised initially to make sure that there are no problems.

CHEWER: Consider what kind of chewer your dog is. Do they like to chew, and chew hard, until a treat is all gone? Then you the owner must either limit the amount of treats they are given, or select treats that will last a long time. Same with toys—a tough, dedicated chewer can make mincemeat of a stuffed toy in no time, so select a tougher item for them. Remember, a really sincere chewer can get through any toy or treat that mankind can make. Combat Extreme and FireHose Dog Toys are some of the toughest available on the market today.

PLAY: Think about what type of play your dog enjoys most. Tug of War, then may we suggested a Bungee Type Dog Toy? Fetch, we suggest Balls, Disc Shaped Toys? Does your dog like to carrying Soft Toys around the house or dog they like playing with toys that make Noise? or maybe toys they can Interactive with. Select a toy that caters to your dogs natural inclinations; or get something altogether different, and teach them something new!

TREATS: Decide what your dogs treat will be for. If it is a training reward, it should be small; preferably dry, so you can readily pocket it; able to be eaten quickly; and appealing to the dog. Try Train Me Treats. Are you looking for a reward for good behavior? Perhaps a Biscuit or a favorite treat. Are you trying to alleviate boredom? Many products help keep a dog's attention off destructive behaviors.

New products should be supervised for a while until you are sure that your dog is not one of those few who will tear off a large chunk and try to ingest it. And, of course, remove it when it gets to be too small for them. Some new dog treats now available include Chicken Jerky, Duck Treats and Vitamin Treats.

What about Rawhide? Available in many types, sizes and flavors, most dogs love it. Rawhide treats come in many varieties. Double knot bones usually last longer, retriever rolls are fairly long lasting, and chips less so. Pressed rawhide cannot be crunched up quickly and has been known to last many times longer than regular rawhide. Keep in mind that rawhide softens as it is chewed, so one should always supervise a pet while he chews. Crunchy rawhide is not very long-lasting, but many dogs seem to really enjoy it. Don't forget to consider Pig Ears, bacon rolls, and other unusual rawhide items that your dog may love. One of our most popular treats is Bully Sticks.

TREAT TOYS: Anything that can be stuffed with treats or goodies will help keep a dog occupied and out of trouble. Try Mojo Balls, Sticks & Bones or Multipet Squirt Bone.

TOUGHER DOGS:  Consider purchasing Indestructible balls, Jolly Balls, Black Kong toys, Galileo Nylabones, Nylabone Hercules, or Rope Tugs. Their treats can include fruit bones, knotted rawhide, and Real Bones.

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