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Crazy Pet Train Me Treats

CraZy Pet Train Me!  training rewards are bite-sized morsels of meat with such a great-tasting flavor that they'll have even the most unruly puppies -- and older dogs too -- obeying commands in no time.  Made from real meat, the taste puppies love best, Train-Me Treats are available in three mouth-watering flavors  - - bacon, liver and chicken.  The puppy treats come in convenient resealable packages, which are perfect for carrying in a pocket, without any spills or mess.



Pet 'N Shape Lamb Strips

These snacks are soft in consistency and texture, which makes puppies crave their taste and owners enjoy their natural and healthy properties. Pet 'n Shape natural lamb puppy treats are made with 100% natural lamb meat. Each highly nutritious treat provides your dog with a natural and healthy snack. They have NO wheat, NO corn and NO soy and have NO artificial colors or flavors. Each puppy treat is carefully roasted to ensure the ultimate quality and flavor. They’ll get your Pet ‘n Shape! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We guarantee you and your pet will be 100% satisfied.
Ingredients: Lamb Meat, Glycerin, Potato Starch


Appropriate puppy treats are great for training and rewarding your puppy. Make sure the treats are small and easy to swallow. Give the puppy a treat that has an appealing order and something they do not get every day.

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