Dog Training Tips for Aggressive Breeds

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Dog Training Tips for Aggressive Breeds

There are certain breeds that tend to be more aggressive; however aggressiveness can be solved following a few dog training tips. An aggressive dog is barking excessively, biting and shows teeth.

Obedience Dog Training

Teach your dog that his aggressive behavior is not acceptable and that he should follow your lead. Starting obedience training from early puppy hood may prevent aggressive behavior. The aggression may often be caused by the fact that the dog lacks a certain socialization time. It is recommended that puppies are left with their mother and brothers until 6 to 8 weeks old. However if your dog didn’t spend his first weeks with his mother, you can still help him socialize and correct his behavior.

Use a collar when you want to stop the dog from doing something. If you notice that he is about to become aggressive use a high pitched “No” and tie him. Tie the collar to a door knob for 5 minutes so that he doesn’t have access to you or the object of his aggression. Untie the collar after 5 minutes.

Establish Dominance

If you establish dominance your dog will be less likely to be aggressive towards you. Make sure that you control his meal hours. If your dog does not wait for you to serve his food, hide it and take it out 10 minutes later. Do the same when he tries to grab the toys before you offer them. Don’t take the food away with no reason, this will only make your dog feel threatened and may cause aggression.

When you play, be the one who initiates the games and you decide when the play time is over. Make sure you win the last round of the game. Don’t initiate games that involve biting or fights; the dog will think you want to stimulate aggression.

Treats – Preventing Aggressiveness and Encouraging Good Behavior

After obedience training and when you see that your dog overcomes aggression or stops barking, give him treats. Your pet should always deserve the treats. Don’t give treats when your dog is begging for these.

If your dog’s aggression is triggered by other dogs, make sure you give him a treat whenever he sees a dog and before he starts growling. Repeating this procedure will create a reflex in your dog and will associate the dogs with treats, so he will no longer be aggressive, but patiently wait for a good treat.

Time Out

If your dog doesn’t behave properly, immediately after biting or barking you should give him a penalty time. Use a high-pitched “No” and put the dog in isolation for 10 minutes. Make sure there is nothing to do in this place.

Visit to the Vet

Aggression may be caused by a medical condition. If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive, you should take him to the veterinarian.

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