Dog Toothbrush: Features to Have

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Dog Toothbrush: Features to Have

Are you looking for a dog toothbrush? Before you rush out and buy the first one that you see, take a look at this list of toothbrush features that will make your life a lot easier.

Practical Features

  • Size: make sure that you can actually handle the brush with ease.
  • Comfort: is the brush easy for you to move around?
  • Handle: look for a brush with a shorter handle

Dog Size

  • Big Dogs: smaller finger brushes work best for these dogs.
  • Small Dogs: standard size toothbrushes are ideal for little dogs.
  • In-between: you might have to try a few brushes to find the right one for a medium-sized dog.


  • Time: take the time to get each spot.
  • Consideration: be careful, move swiftly, and try to be gentle.
  • Bite Factor: some dogs will bite (even if they don’t mean to), so watch out!

Your dog will greatly benefit from having its teeth brushed. Better breath, better gums, and a happier dog are all side-effects of effective brushing. While brushing your dog’s teeth might be time consuming, your best friend is well worth the effort!

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