Dog Joint Supplements for Smaller Dogs

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Dog Joint Supplements for Smaller Dogs

Dog joint supplements may help to relieve joint pain in smaller dogs. Presently, there are numerous types of these supplements on the market. The best way to find out if these products will work for your dog is to give them a try.

Do They Work?
Some studies have shown that dog joint supplements help to relieve joint pain in canines. Other studies state that these supplements are less effective. Since all dogs are different, it is entirely possible for supplements to work well on one dog, while having no effect upon another dog.

Supplements for Small Dog Frames
Smaller dogs require specialty supplements. The best type of dog joint supplements on the market are those that are all-natural. Some brands to consider include Drs Foster & Smith and ProMotion. Various prescription supplements are also available.

Are There Side Effects?
Some dogs will experience side effects from supplements. If your dog acts strangely in any manner, make sure to stop the dosage immediately. While rare, side effects are always a possibility. The type of side effect will depend upon the supplement that you are giving your dog.

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