Cost of Owning A Dog

Age: 8 Months
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The benefits and rewards of owning a dog far outweigh the actual costs. The love they show, their playfulness, the companionship and even the added security are greatly valued by dog owners. However, often people take on ownership of a dog without understanding the physical needs and the costs involved. We will take a look at items have to be paid for and the optional costs.

The puppy will be the initial cost, unless you choose a pet that is being given away or you are adopting one at a low cost. Prices range up into the thousands for a rare breed, but generally a purebred puppy can be purchased between $100 to $500, depending upon the breed. Make sure and research the dog you are interested in so that you spend your money wisely. Check

Dog food is going to range from dry, non-brand name food to more expensive, brand-recognized food or dry food verses wet dog food. When the dog is full grown, one meal a day will still average between $120-$450 per year. Doggy treats are also a favorite of most pets, but it is an added cost.

Vaccinations and vet bills are necessary for a healthy dog. The initial vet check up and vaccinations will range between $25 on the low end to a little over $150 on the high end for the first year. Recommended vaccinations each year could be as high as another $150 per year. Vet bills for other issues may be infrequent but will probably cost between $40, up to several hundred dollars for emergencies.

Spaying or neutering your pet will range from $30-$200, depending on the area where you live.

Bedding for your dog, depending on the size, will cost about $10-$100, for a fancier spread.

Dog chew bones or other chew treats come in a variety sizes and costs. Rawhide bones will begin at about $1.00. If your dog really likes chewing on bones, the price can rise to over $100 a year.

Dog obedience and training classes will cost $40 up to several hundred, depending on the depth of training your pet requires.

Occasionally you may need to board your dog. The cost of a kennel will range from $15 per night to $65 or more, depending on the city where you will board your dog. The services available may be very basis care to grooming and other needs you may wish to hire.

Grooming also has a wide range of costs, depending on the package you will choose and the frequency of times you take your dog in for care. A basic shampoo, brushing, eye and ear care and nail cutting will begin at about $20 per visit. Packages including brushing teeth, conditioning, flea and tick treatments and special hair embellishments. Each package will add several dollars to your grooming treatment. Many owners will have their pet groomed every couple of weeks.

Other dog essentials: Most dog owners will want a variety of dog toys, which will be from $1 up to $100 for an ample supply. Dog food bowls and water dishes begin at around $1.50 up to $10. Collars and leashes range from $4 up to $20. Dog shampoos begin at about $5 per bottle and grooming tools can begin as low at $3 for a Contoured Grip Flea Comb, up to high-quality grooming packages for around $35. Don’t forget the occasional stain cleaners, training pads and waste pickup bags, which begin at a few dollars per item purchased, up to $27 or more packages pads. Dog crates can cost between $35 up to over $100 for a larger dog. Many dog owners will also want to purchase a car safety harness or even a dog car booster seat. Safety harnesses begin at $7 and booster seats are from $36 on up.

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