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Description: A Goldador is a hybrid that is a cross-breed of a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever and may demonstrate any combination of traits from those two breeds. The experimentation of these hybrid or designer dogs has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club. The key to cross breeding to purebred dogs is what is called hybrid vigor, the breeding resulting in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution can come from dogs purebred for so long that they have common genetic disorders. The Goldador are usually used as a Guide, Search and Rescue and Drug detection dogs. Goldador also make good family pets, trainable and an easy to groom coat. The Goldador First-Generation crossbreds are most popular

Other Names: Golden Labrador, Glab, Retrievador

Daisy May, Owned by Mary Ozee
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Height: 22 - 24 in.
Weight: 60 - 80 lb.

Color: Mostly Yellow, Shades of Gold, Red to Yellow or Black.
Coat: The Goldador has the Labrador Retriever smooth shorthaired double coat without the Golden Retrievers heavy feathering.

Temperament: Intelligent and obedient.
With Children: Good towards children.
With Pets: Good with other dogs and pets.
Special Skills: Can be used as an assistant for persons with disabilities.

Watch-dog: Moderate, they tend to be easy-going toward strangers.
Guard-dog: Very low

Care and Exercise: Moderate grooming for their coats.
Training: Easy to train.
Learning Rate: Very high in obedience.

Activity: Moderate to High, indoor and outdoors.
Living Environment: Suburban home. Need Daily exercise, Goldadors enjoy playing ball, Swimming and go for walks.

Health Issues: Minor concerns PRA and Hip Joint Arthritis. Owners should give their dogs hip and eye tests regularly. The Goldador are usually very healthy.

Life Span: 10 - 14 years
Litter Size: 5 - 7

Country of Origin:
History of the Goldendoodle:
The Goldador is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever.

First Registered by the AKC: Not registered by the AKC.


Goldador - Connor
Goldador - Kato
Goldador - Ranger
Goldador - Tyson
Goldador - Hektor

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