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Description: The Laekenois is one of the Belgian shepherd dogs, but is not widely recognized outside their homeland. In the US they are the only Belgian Shepherd Dog not recognized by the AKC. Laekenois are identified by their rough and wiry coat.Laekenois

Height: 22 - 26 inches
Weight: 62 lbs.

Colors: Reddish fawn with black shading, principally on muzzle and tail.
Coat: Harsh, wiry and dry.

Temperament: Laekenois are obedient, loyal
With Children: Yes, good with their family, should not play rough housing or chase games. May not tolerate other children.
With Pets: Needs to be socialized to other pets. Take extra care when introducing a new pet.

Watch-dog: Very High
Guard-dog: Very High, will protect their family and property, but will not attack unwarranted.

Care and Training: Daily combing and brushing of the Laekenois coat is important. Clip out mats that form particularly in the ruff and on the legs. Clip hair from between their toes and on the outer ears. Bathe only when necessary. Shedding is bi-annually. they are a working dog and needs a lot of exercise, preferably off the leash as much as possible. Early training will prevent puppies from developing a sharp temper.

Learning Rate: Very High, Obedience - Very High, Problem Solving - High. Overbearing training techniques may encourage fear-biting.

Activity: High
Living Environment: The Laekenois will adapt well to both a urban or country environment as long as they have space to roam. A home with a fenced yard is essential.

Health Issues: Epilepsy, excessive shyness, eye problems, hip dysplasia

Life Span: 12 - 14 years
Litter Size:
6 -10

Country of Origin: Belgium
History: Developed in Belgium for guarding and herding of sheep. They were formally recognized as the Belgian Shepherd Dog in 1891. Present in the gene pool of these dogs there were dogs with long coats, short coats, rough or wired coats and a variance of colors. Making the Belgian Shepherd Dog with four varieties. The Groenendalel (known simple as the Belgium Sheepdog), with a solid long black coat, the Laekenois, a rough or wire-coat in fawn, red or brown, the Malinois, a short coated in fawn, red or brown and the Tervueren, a long coated fawn or dark red dog. The American Kennel Club has recognized three of these four varieties. The British Kennel Club regards them as a single breed and the Federation Cynologique states one breed with four varieties. Because of this, the dogs are always registered on their coat type and color, not of their parents.

Class: Herding
Registries: FCI (Group 1), KC(GB), TKC, CKC

Belgian Laekenois

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