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Anderson Acres, Ohio Anderson Acres, Columbus Grove, Ohio - 419-646-3366, Email: [email protected]
Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds available periodically throughout the year on our farm. We have merles, tri's and even BLUE EYED TRI's. Visit us at
Down Under Down Under Dandies, Glenham, South Dakota - 701-721-0771cell, Email: [email protected]
Down Under Dandies Australian Shepherds raises all sizes. Toys, minis. Concentrating on quality toys and small minis with good bone and frames. BLUE EYED TRIS also available. Website:
Triple Cross Aussies, Wisconsin Triple Cross Aussies, Texas - 817-243-4004, Email: [email protected]
We focus on raising quality puppies with emphasis on temperament, health, and conformation. Please visit our website for more information on our program and upcoming litters. Registries: IMASC AKC NSDR MASCA.
Blue Horizon Toy Aussies, Florida Blue Horizon Toy Aussies, Sarasota, Florida - 941-345-6825, Email: [email protected]
Blue Horizon Toy Aussies specializes in toy and tiny toy miniature Australian shepherds maturing around 9-13" tall and 5-18lbs. All colors available even sought after blue eyed tris! Website:

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Triple R, Massachuestts Here at Triple R we take PRIDE in our breeding program, we breed both Miniature Australian Shepherds & Miniature American Shepherds (AKC REG) all our puppies are sold as pets only. all health testing has been done on all our breeding dogs. we also Guarantee our puppies for any genetic problems for 3 yrs. Please visit our website Phone: 413-237-1573 Email: [email protected].
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC, MASCA, REG DOG TRAINER

Karyon Mini/Toy Aussie, Texas Karyon Mini/Toy Aussie and now- Miniature American Shepherds offered. We are located in the beautiful horse country of Weatherford, Texas near Ft Worth/Dallas, where our Mini's enjoy acres of space. Karyon offers top quality, with temperament being a priority. Contact Pat Fletcher for your next obedience, show, or loving companion. 817-599-3312 or [email protected]. Website:
Club Affiliations and Registries: ASDR, AKC, MASCUSA

CL Aussies, Minnesota CL Aussies raises Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds with quality not quantity in mind. We raise 2-3 litters a year of very correct, good boned, great dispositions, well minded and socialized puppies. Fun, loving dogs in a small package. Family raised, health guarantee, visit often for updates. Linda Jo Landau 612-363-9826 [email protected] Thanks for looking. URL:
Club Affiliations and Registries: NSDR, ASDR, MASCUSA, CKC

Clay Creek Aussies, Oklahoma Clay Creek Aussies - Home raised, quality Toy and Mini Aussies bred to maintain true Aussie looks, temperament, health, and conformation. Health testing has been done on all our dogs and we offer health guarantee on our puppies. Please visit our website or contact Ronna at 405-464-1155 or email [email protected]. Happy Trails!

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Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Breed | Puppies For Sale | Photos of Miniature Australian Shepherds

Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

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Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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