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Swiss Kisz Farm's Snowbiz Berners, North Carolina Swiss Kisz Farm's Snowbiz Berners, Spruce Pine, North Carolina - 828-467-1940, Email: [email protected]
Exceptional Berner pups available in Winter 2015-16 and Spring 2016. AKC, Imported European & International championship bloodlines, substantial bone, robust, typey, w/ wonderful dispositions! AKC Champions! Website:

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California Health, longevity and endurance from the best European and American bloodlines! We Raise/Train/Show and Breed the finest. Preserving the past and securing the future of the Bernese! Visitors welcome! Phone: 530-391-5361 Email: [email protected] Website: Or contact Gigi Raymond 916-296-9848 and [email protected].
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC, BMDCA, KSCS

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for Sale

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale


Thursday, January 23, 2014