Do Canine Joint Supplements Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients?

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Do Canine Joint Supplements Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients?

Some experts believe that canine joint supplements might contain harmful ingredients. This is largely due to the fact that many of these supplements also contain a large amount of chemical additives. However, older dogs can benefit from proper joint care.

Supplement Ingredients to Avoid
The following ingredients should not be given to your dog under any circumstances:

  • Menadione: this can also be listed as Vitamin K3 or Vitamin K Supplement.
  • Yeast Culture

In addition, some supplement ingredients cannot be absorbed by dogs at all. Therefore, ingredients such as sulfates and oxides can also be avoided.

Natural Supplements
The best way to treat canine joint problems is with natural solutions. Glucosamine joint supplements that are made from natural substances are excellent for dogs suffering from joint issues. Products such as Glucosamine Dog Biscuits are not harmful and they will help with joint pain.

Other Products
It is best to veer away from store bought dog foods that are specially formulated for joints. Many of these canine joint supplements may contain harmful chemicals. That said, there are some natural dog foods on the market that help to relieve joint pain.

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