Can a Puppy Supplement Harm My Growing Dog?

Age: 8 Months
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Can a Puppy Supplement Harm My Growing Dog?

Giving your dog a puppy supplement is not always a good idea. Certain supplements can harm young dogs for various reasons. The best kind of supplement to give a puppy is a natural supplement that does not contain any kind of harmful ingredient.

Harmful Supplements
Puppy supplements that include the following ingredients should not be given to your dog:

  • Calcium: unless otherwise recommended, calcium supplements should be avoided. Too much calcium can create bone abnormalities.
  • Fish Oil: the term “fish oil” (as it is often written on numbers products) is far too vague. Look for “tuna oil” or “herring oil” instead.

While other supplemental ingredients might not harm your dog, this does not mean that your dog should be ingesting them. Instead, give your dog all-natural supplements.

Natural Supplements
Look for dog foods that contain natural supplements. For example, foods such as whole grains, eggs, and honey are all packed with nutrients. In addition, a puppy supplement in the form of a helpful vitamin is also a good idea. Some vitamins to consider include Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K — all of which can be found inside of top quality dog food.

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