Type: Gun Dog

Height: 21-23 inches.

Weight: 33-44 lbs.

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Activity: High

Watch-dog: High

Guard-dog: High

Description: The Frisian People in Northwestern corner of the Netherlands have developed the Wetterhound (Water Dog) breed in the 1600s or earlier to find and kill Otters in near by lakes. The Wetterhoun dog is a tough and fearless working dog. Wetterhouns were also use as gundogs and game. With a coat is greasy waterproof and a tightly spiraled tail. This breed loves the water and happy to swim in freezing weather.

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Other Names: Otterhoun, Datch Spaniel, Frisian Water Dog

Colors: Liver, Liver & white, black or black & white

Coat: Oily, Thick, Tight curls all over except smooth head, legs and ears. Coat must not be woolly.

Temperament: Wetterhouns are not suitable for New Dog Owners. This Rugged and Soundly built water dog is an unsinkable all weather all purpose dog. Mostly used as a farmhand or companion in Holland. Wetterhounds are loving but reserved with strangers.

With Children: Wetterhouns are good-natured and friendly. Good with children in a proper environment.

With Pets: Yes

Special Skills: Hunt Otters and make great gun dogs

Care and Training: Light grooming required. Comb coat occasionally and check ears.

Learning Rate: High. Learn very quickly

Living Environment: The Wetterhoun is not recommended for apartment life. Wetterhouns can life outdoors in a kennel as long as they get adequate exercise and constant human contact. They will do well in cold climates as long as they have shelter.

History: The Wetterhoun was developed about 400 years ago in the Dutch Providence of Friesland. Wetterhoun is Dutch for "Water Dog". Developed by breeder of the Dutch province of Friesland about 400 years ago. This breed is rare but seldom outside its native land. This breed most likely descended from the old Water Dog, a breed that contributed to a number of modern Spaniel types but is now extinct. Wetterhouns were developed approximately around the same time as the Stabyhoun breed.

Class: Gundog

Registries: FCI, CKC, APRI, ACR, NKC