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Fun Scottish Deerhound Facts

  • strong hunting instincts
  • loves to run
  • gentle and loyal

Scottish DeerhoundThe Scottish Deerhound has grace, dignity and beauty. As a companion the Deerhound is ideal, being tractable and easy to train and possessing the most dependable loyalty and utmost devotion to their masters. Scottish Deerhounds are a mellow, low-key and easy going breed who loves outdoors and will chase anything that moves. They are excellent hunters and were used for this purpose long ago in Scotland. Scottish Deerhounds must be trained around any other animals, including livestock and cats, in order to keep them from using their well-developed hunting skills. They are gentle in the home, however, and remain faithful and loyal pets. The Scottish Deerhound is a large dog, both heavy and tall. They have wiry rough hair on their bodies, but on the stomach and chest it is soft. They have a rather long neck, and their heads look rather small in comparison to the body. Deerhounds have long tails, almost reaching the ground. They have dark eyes and a dark nose, and come in colors of dark blue gray, lighter gray, brindle, yellow and fawn. Sometimes they have white on the feet, toes, chest or tail tip. Scottish Deerhounds are a royal breed of majestic looks and noble personality.

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