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  • great with children
  • excellent watch-dog
  • gentle and lively

SamoyedThe Samoyed is a good-natured, kind, somewhat mischievous, family dog who has a fondness for people, especially children. They have developed over the years in close proximity with people, and therefore love to be around them. The beauty of a Samoyed is in its smile, which extends from ear to ear and will attract attention when they are out. An owner of a Samoyed should be somebody who is willing to give of their time in both grooming and activity. Samoyeds do not shed, instead you will find their woolly undercoat coming out like white balls of fluff floating through the air. Their coat is also odorless, which is why it has been used in the past for spinning wool. The Samoyed, or Smiling Sammy, used to come in colors of white, black, or white and black. Today however, the white has become so popular that black hardly ever shows up anymore. A truly white Sammy is said to have a silver glow on the coat. They are medium sized dogs that can have a range of eye colors, in which blue is included. Samoyeds are extremely friendly, welcoming and lively. The Samoyed has become a popular pet in America today for these very reasons.

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