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  • very alert
  • gets separation anxiety
  • search and rescue dog

Saint BernardThe St. Bernard is powerful, strong, and muscular with a somewhat sad looking expression. They are a faithful, gentle, kindly breed who love children. It requires no training for their work since generations of service seemed to have stamped the rescuing instinct upon their character. Because of their size it does not make a breed for an apartment dweller as they need plenty of space and large food rations. Their size is a eye-catching, weighing up to 220 lbs! The Guiness Book of Records recorded a Saint Bernard to have weighed in at 305 pounds. Although they are heavy and large, they are not the tallest dogs in the world. They are manageable, but should be trained as a puppy not to pull their leash. Training and socialization is a must with this breed, as they are large and powerful dogs. A well-trained Saint Bernard is a mellow, affectionate, lazy dog who will protect your home. Until the bones are fully formed in puppies of Saint Bernards it is best to keep their activity to a minimum. These dogs are rather tranquil and benevolent. When they are protective, however, they can be rather threatening-looking and if provoked can be an intense adversary. Regularly, though, the Saint Bernard is a big, friendly, peaceful ball of fluff.

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