Polish Hound

Type: Hound

Height: 22-26 inches

Weight: 50-70 lbs.

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Poland




Description: The Polish Hound also known as Ogar Polski is a medium size dog, of strong and compact build, powerful bone-structure and quite massive with legs in proportion. The whole outline is that of power and endurance rather than speed. The voice on the trail is sonorous and pure, of changeable medium pitch, generally higher pitched in the female.

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Other Names: Ogar Polski, Polnishe Bracke, Braco Polonesa

Colors: Head and ears, except the lateral sides of the skull, of tan colour; the ears a little darker than the rest. The legs, sternal region and thighs also tan. Body black or dark grey almost black. The tan colour, essentially fawn, has various intensities of that tone up to cinnamon, very much appreciated in the Polish Hound.

Coat: Medium length hair, thick, with a dense undercoat, a little longer on the back, at the back of the hindquarters and on the lower part of the tail.

With Children: Yes

With Pets: Yes

History: The Polish Hound aka Ogar Polski is the hero of the first dog related written work called "Myœlistwo z ogary"-"Hunting with hound dogs" by Jan Ostroróg from 1608. There is nothing in the book about what he looked like at that time, but a lot about his utility. Hound dogs were used in Poland to hunt hares, foxes and wild boars. Usually they were black and tan dogs but not only. All types of hound dogs inhabiting Poland had one in common: they trailed the prey with a great stubbornness, "singing" - main characteristic of the breed is their melodious voice. Until the 19th century the breed was very differentiated. At the end of the 19th century almost extinct. After the Second World War two Colonels - Pawlusiewicz and Kartawik made an attempt to restore the breed. Kartawik's line was named Ogar Polski, while Pawlusiewicz's dogs are now called Goñczy polski. Breed standard was created in 1966 and the breed recognized by FCI.

Class: Hound

Registries: FCI