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  • The Basenji is a handsome, short, muscular dog who is also known as the African Barkless Dog. "Basenji" means "bush thing" in African dialect.

  • The Barbet is a medium size, sturdy, intelligent dog originating from France. The Barbet is very friendly, sociable and loves to swim. The Barbets webbed feet and wooly coat

  • The Balkanski Gonic is a scent hound from the Balkan peninsula of the former Yugoslavia. They have been used purely as a hunting dog for hare and fox.

  • A blend of the Bassett Hound and the Beagle makes for an easygoing breed that is laid-back and relaxed. The dog is agreeable and mellow, yet fairly energetic.

  • The Azawakh is an interesting-looking breed. They have the appearance of grace and swiftness in combination with a disproportionate body, head and legs.

  • The Austrian Brackes are known for their hunting skills, especially for hare and fox. They are also often used as tracking hounds for wounded or dead game.

  • The Australian Terrier is affectionately known at the "Aussie". They are one of the few non-English terriers. Created by Australian setters they are the smallest of the working terriers

  • The Australian Shepherd is an attractive long-haired breed with a bobtail and striking, varied, coat coloration. Each dog's coat and eye color are highly variable

  • The Australian Kelpie is extremely agile and light footed, capable of a lightening start and a dead stop. A loyal companion with an inexhaustible supply of energy

  • The Australian Cattle Dog is also known as the Blue Heeler. They are a tough, hard working dog who can cover immense distances. They are a versatile herding dog

  • The Aussiedoodle may have low-shedding and low-dander characteristics from the Poodle breed, even with the longer coat. They may also inherit a higher intelligence associated with the Poodle.

  • A French Breed, the Ariegeois is usually not seen outside of France. Used for hunting of rabbit, hare and fox. The Ariegeois has a narrow head with a slightly convex

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