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  • very intelligent
  • excellent watch-dog
  • courageous

Norwegian ElkhoundThe Norwegian Elkhound has the courage, agility and stamina to hold big game at a distance and the endurance to track for hours in all types of weather and terrain. They have been used for centuries to track a moose, dance around it to challenge it, then keep it at bay by barking until the hunter arrives. They have the squarely-built well muscled look of the Nordic-Spitz breeds, with the furry body, tail curled over the back and prick ears. They have an intelligent expression, and wear a black mask with a black saddle on grey or light tan fur. Norwegian Elkhound puppies are born black but turn gray in about a week as their fur develops. They are extremely versatile, and can do many different jobs. Norwegian Elkhounds are straightforward, equable, friendly and gentle characters. They are bold and independent, but are highly intelligent and productive. They enjoy a job or activity, and are friendly to even strangers. They are, however, intolerant of threats to their family. They will be protective and act as watchdog if they need to. Norwegian Elkhounds make a great family pet and home guardian as they are very loyal, courageous and dependable.

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