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Fun Norfolk Terrier Facts

  • high prey drive
  • loves to dig
  • stubborn

Norfolk TerrierWith expressive dropped ears, game and hardy Norfolk Terriers are active and compact, free-moving with good substance and bone. With a natural, weather-resistant coat and short legs, they are perfect in the field. They have a wide head, short docked, stubby tail and they largely resemble a smaller Cairn Terrier. The Norfolk Terrier is a cousin to the Norwich Terrier and is similar except their ears are rounded instead of pricked. The Norfolk Terrier has an affectionate personality with a passion for digging. Playful, they enjoy playing catch, hiking in the woods or burrowing after little critters. They are alert and fearless when it comes to prey. They have been called a "demon" even at their size, and are a sociable and hardy breed. They need a good amount of exercise, and love a good rabbit hunt. Regardless of its fearless attitude and tenacious ability to catch small prey, they are very good with children. A fiery ball of tough fluff, the Norfolk Terrier is a good little companion for those looking for a tough and hardy type.

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