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  • playful
  • difficult to train
  • very alert

Miniature Bull TerrierA replica of the Bull Terrier, the Miniature Bull Terrier shares the same breed standards except for the height. They are strongly built, symmetrical and active, with a keen, determined and intelligent expression. They have thick muscular bodies, despite their small stature. Miniature Bull Terriers are full of fire, having a courageous, even temperament. Mini Bulls are comical, lively, playful and mischievous dogs who may be small, but are not a lap dog. This breed has the distinctive mark of a muzzle without a stop. It has the typical Romanesque face. Mini Bull Terriers are active and tenacious. They can be fearless, but reserved when it comes to other dogs instigating a fight. Bull Terriers have been known to avoid fights when they are not the one picking it. They are not guard dogs, but they are scrappy fighters. They love to be with their family, and are a polite breed. The Miniature Bull Terrier has all of the spunk and tenacity of the larger Bull Terrier, just in a smaller package.

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