Japanese Terrier

Type: Terrier

Height: 11-13 Inches

Weight: 6-9 Lbs.

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Japan

Activity: This breed needs plenty of exercise.



Description: The Japanese Terrier is a small terrier native to Japan. It is believed to be descended from the progeny of fox terrier types, pointers and indigenous Japanese dogs. This dog is also known as the Nippon Terrier. The breed is rare, even in Japan.

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Other Names: Nippon Terrier, Nihon Teria, Nihon Terrier

Colors: Tri-color, black and tan in the head, white in body.

Coat: Short, of I - 2 millimeters, smooth, close and glossy. Silky texture. Japanese Terrier’s tiny stature and short coat make it a low-maintenance pet, but it does not do well in the cold

Temperament: Lively and cheerful character. Swift and lively Temperament.

Care and Training: The coat needs little care .

Learning Rate: The Japanese Terrier responds well to gentle, consistent training.

History: It is generally believed that the ancestors of the Japanese Terrier were brought by Dutch merchant ships to Nagasaki, the only Japanese port open to the West in the 17th Century. Whether there was a type of fox terrier developing in the Netherlands, or whether these were dogs brought along by English sailors is unclear. Unlike other descendants of fox terriers, the JT seems to have been developed exclusively as a pet. The dogs became very popular as lap dogs in ports such as Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama. According to the Japanese Kennel Club, planned breeding of Japanese Terriers did not begin until around 1920, when fanciers began selective breeding from the progenitor, the Kobe Terrier. The Japanese Terrier was recognized by the JKC in 1930. The Japanese Terrier is recognized by the Japanese Kennel Club and the FCI. It is little known outside of Japan, but does have its admirers in Europe.

Class: Toy

Registries: FCI